Established in 1998, Skae Power Solutions is one of the nation's leading engineering services providers, with subject matter expertise in mission critical infrastructure. We invite you to review our wide range of engineering service offerings, and welcome your inquiries regarding your infrastructure requirements.


The single most important element, essential for the success of any organization, is its ability to attract and nurture quality people. Our people are the foundation of SKAE'S success in the market.

Team SKAE is comprised of like-minded engineers, architects, construction professionals, and facilities engineers who share the same seemingly unjustifiable over commitment to outstanding service. The professionals at Team Skae are "qualified to operate", being uniquely suited by education, experience, work ethic and client-focus to thrive in the demanding mission critical environment.


Peter F. Skae

Peter Skae, a principal with Skae Power Solutions LLC, has more than 15 years of experience in the electrical and mechanical engineering fields, with electrical distribution being his primary area of expertise.

Mr. Skae founded the company in 1998, focusing on design review, value engineering, project management and logistical support. Mr. Skae has acted as the project executive and/or project manager for numerous electrical and mechanical distribution system upgrade projects for Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to establishing Skae Power Solutions LLC, Mr. Skae worked at General Electric (GE), where he collaborated closely with consulting engineers on the design, integration and maintenance of large, mission-critical facilities such as data centers, trading operations and healthcare facilities. He also worked closely with electrical contractors to ensure proper installation and commissioning of a wide variety of equipment.

Before joining GE, Mr. Skae was employed by Electro Industries, an electrical-equipment manufacturer where his duties included design, integration and implementation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and advanced power monitoring and control.

Mr. Skae received a Bachelor of Engineering degree specializing in electrical engineering from Manhattan College in New York City.


John M. McPartland

John M. McPartland is a principal with Skae Power Solutions LLC. Mr. McPartland has over 35 years of domestic and international experience in the design, construction, testing and ongoing logistical support of mission-critical power systems. His responsibilities at Skae Power Solutions LLC include program and project management, strategic planning and business development.

Mr. McPartland joined Skae Power Solutions LLC in January 2000. Prior to joining Skae Power Solutions LLC, Mr. McPartland was a principal at McPartland Brothers Inc. and Citipower Associates, manufacturer's representatives of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and power conditioning equipment. From 1978 to 1987, he was managing partner of a joint-venture company in the electrical construction field, responsible for offices in Florence, Italy, Athens, Greece and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he resided.

Mr. McPartland received a Bachelor of Science degree in economics in 1973 from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Finance and Commerce with a major in international business. He is the co-author of McGraw-Hill's "National Electrical Code Handbook," and has served as lecturer and panelist at numerous electrical industry technical forums.


Anthony Russo, P.E.

Anthony Russo is a principal with Skae Engineering Solutions, PC and the director of engineering. He has more than 18 years of experience in the analysis, design, installation, testing and maintenance of electrical power systems in large commercial and industrial facilities.

Mr. Russo supervises design, study, maintenance and construction management for Skae Engineering Solutions, PC, providing the company with industry-recognized "subject matter expertise" in the analysis of electrical-system design and operations. This includes system protection and coordination required as part of large construction projects, as well as the maintenance and testing of mission-critical power system equipment.

Mr. Russo joined Skae Power Solutions LLC in 2001 and has successfully completed many system protection and coordination studies for clients in a variety of industries. Prior to joining Skae Power Solutions LLC, Mr. Russo was manager of engineering study services for American Power Technologies in North Hills, N.Y.

Mr. Russo received a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering in 1989 from Polytechnic University, where he also received a Master of Science degree in construction management in 1999. He is a registered Professional Engineer in New York and New Jersey and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and its Industry Applications Society.


Solutions Overview



Headquartered in NY, with offices in Philadelphia and Boston, Skae Power Solutions LLC has completed major installation and expansion projects for a wide variety of commercial, financial, institutional, medical and government clients across the nation.

From concept to commissioning, from site selection to total facility-managed services, we assist clients with a full range of services:

Design and Build



As an alternative to the traditional bid/spec construction model, SKAE has a demonstrated track record in offering Design/Build services to a select client base of knowledgeable end-users. Whenschedule and cost are the issue Design/Build can be the client's best option.

As a DESIGN/BUILD contractor, SKAE assumes all responsibility for project design, cost management and final performance. SKAE has a working relationship with long-time suppliers and skilled subcontractors, which insures a well-run project. With both in-house design staff and long-time working relationships with architects and engineers, SKAE is able to bring the necessary technical and construction resources to the project delivering optimized solutions on budget and on time.

The summary reasons why DESIGN/BUILD projects work are:

From relatively small to large multi-pod data centers, no other company can deliver the completed, commissioned data center as quickly or cost effectively as SKAE. Customers are our testament to our success. We depend heavily on referrals by satisfied customers to uphold our reputation in the markets that we serve.

Project Management



SKAE experts tap their decades of experience to provide value-added project management, from design conception through a project's completion before offering ongoing support. Acting on behalf of the client, SKAE coordinates and manages the project engineers, contractors and vendors to assure timely project completion, on budget and in a professional, workman-like manner.

Equipment Procurement



The optimum performance of complex mechanical and electrical systems depends on the proper selection and integration/installation of the right equipment at a fair price.

SKAE has long-standing relationships with the leading manufacturers which allows us to offer our clients unbiased, up-to-date guidance regarding the purchase of equipment such as:

The advantage of SKAE'S tremendous purchasing power, established over many years with an impeccable credit history, is passed along to our clients, resulting in substantially reduced total project cost.




Choosing and orchestrating the right team to install electrical and mechanical systems is vital to the successful completion of a project. Competent contractors and sub-contractors must become an extension of your team and work with the same goal in mind. SKAE engineers and project managers have decades of experience planning and executing complex projects.

Our team has worked with many leading electrical, mechanical and general contractors on fast track, mission-critical projects across the country, building data centers, communication sites, government facilities and large commercial buildings. We understand the construction process, and offer the client the benefit of that experience. OUR experience with the equipment vendors and contractors allows us to successfully manage the installation of equipment and systems in both new facilities, and in expanding existing facilities.

Service Contracts & Logistical Support



Fielded systems require proper logistical support to ensure that they operate as designed throughout their expected life cycle. Attention to proper maintenance procedures is critically important to minimize downtime. After guiding the design and installation process, SKAE can provide start-up procedures, testing, commissioning and post-warranty preventative and remedial maintenance programs. SKAE administers service contracts for all types of fielded equipment, maximizing uptime through proper maintenance and testing.

Facilties Management



SKAE'S Facilities Management Team provides comprehensive property management services to more than a dozen companies in the New York market, with more than 1 million square feet currently under management.

Our team of property management specialists works closely with real estate owners to develop and manage customized programs that focus on cost-efficient operations and tenant retention. Our proven programs and processes have enhanced property values for our client's real estate assets.

Managed Services

With a strong practice in mission critical facilities, SKAE monitors overall operations and manages scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repairs utilizing our Network Operating Center and on-site staff. With our on-site Managed Services, we take complete responsibility for your facilities' operations and maintenance. SKAE provides a comprehensive solution that includes all aspects of proper maintenance practices, including:

Through our time proven methodologies- Methods of Procedure (MOPs), and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), SKAE reduces the risk of human error and helps predict and prevent failures. Our in-depth maintenance programs ensure that critical systems work as designed.

Engineering Overview



Skae Engineering Solutions, P.C. (SES) has vast and varied experience designing new systems, analyzing and expanding existing systems, establishing or improving the reliability of mission critical facilities.

Our engineering and field services include establishing design criterion, electrical system studies, power-quality analysis, site surveys and preparation of as-built electrical system drawings. As a professional corporation, with multiple professional engineers on staff, Skae Engineering Solutions has the capability to do MEP Engineering in-house. However, we choose instead to partner with local MEP engineering firms who have a demonstrated expertise in infrastructure design.

Acting as the clients mission critical consultant, we establish the design criterion and supervise and direct the MEP firms, in a collaborative, "teaming" effort, through the detailed design, submittal and approval, construction administration and testing/commissioning phases of the project. This model allows us to minimize the "time to deploy" while maximizing the value proposition to the client, from concept to commissioning.

Electrical Systems Analysis



Electrical system protection and coordination analyses are provided by SES to prevent injuries to personnel, to minimize damage to system components, and to limit the extent and duration of service interruptions caused by equipment failures, human errors, or adverse natural events.

SKAE engineers have extensive experience performing electrical-system protection studies for medium- and low-voltage distribution systems. SKAE'S engineers utilize the newest industry-standard software programs to develop reliable protection-study reports used to ensure that the proper protective devices are selected and able to protect mission-critical equipment in commercial, industrial, health care and data-center facilities.

Short Circuit and Coordination Studies



SES is a recognized industry leader in the performance of short circuit and coordination, arc-flash, harmonics and load flow studies for complex electrical distribution systems. The need for short circuit and coordination studies has long been recognized as a requirement for companies concerned with electrical system reliability and availability. As industry has also recognized the need for "safety related work practices" as per OSHA, NFPA, and IEEE standards, SES has provided arc-flash studies for countless commercial, industrial, and government facilities.

Power Quality Analysis



SES conducts a wide variety of power-quality analyses including load and power-quality recordings. We work in conjunction with consulting engineers to provide proactive recommendations to modify existing grounding systems and electrical systems to improve performance and protect sensitive electrical equipment.

Site Survey and As Built Drawings



Maintaining accurate, up-to-date drawings of electrical distribution systems is extremely important for the operation of commercial, industrial and academic facilities as well as data centers.

Our team has a wide range of experience conducting field surveys of existing facilities and creating or updating schematic drawings. Skae Engineering Solutions, P.C. engineers use advanced circuit-testing devices to accurately identify circuits before drafting as-built drawings using the most recent versions of AutoCAD. This facilitates maintenance and expansion projects and helps clients' staff and consultants troubleshoot problems or anticipate ones that might arise in the future. Our as-built drawing projects have ranged from modest data-center or single-facility reviews to evaluations of large 2 million square foot office buildings served by complex systems that have been expanded in a piecemeal basis over the building's life.

Field Service Engineering



Skae Engineering Solutions, P.C. does more than develop design concepts, draft schematics, and do peer review. We have years of hands-on field experience addressing routine planning and maintenance, as well as helping clients address emergencies. Our field-service engineering skills include:


Skae Energy Services & Asset Management Enterprise

SKAE ENERGY SERVICES & ASSET MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISE, LLC (SESAME) delivers energy savings and reduced operating expenses through integrated energy services, asset management and educational programs to customers whose goal is to reduce energy consumption and their carbon footprint.

SESAME leverages the expertise of Skae Power Solutions, Skae Engineering Solutions as well as Schneider operating divisions, such as Summit Energy and strategic partners such as Arsenault Associates to deliver in-depth audits, web-based audit tools, asset management software, turnkey energy saving technology and system upgrades. Acting as the client's energy services consultant, we follow a Ten Step process in developing solutions for various building types ranging from data centers and network buildings to branches and retail stores.

Our 10 Step Process




The mission critical engineering services company relocates corporate headquarters  

PALISADES, NY, July 11, 2011 Skae Power Solutions LLC, one of the nation's leading providers of mission-critical systems infrastructure and power-system design, announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters from Orangeburg, NY to Palisades, NY, approximately 12 miles from the George Washington Bridge. The move to the spacious facility is the culmination of recent growth. John M. McPartland, a principal with Skae Power Solutions, said, "Peter Skae and I felt that the acquisition of this property coincided perfectly with a number of goals of our corporate expansion strategy."

The new location provides Skae Power Solutions the space to accommodate its growing team. It will also house a state of the art Data Center, which will be sized for 50 cabinets with an average density of 8kW per cabinet. In addition to the data center space, there will be 4,475 square feet of office space, which will be assigned as Business Continuity space, supported by a Network Operating Center (NOC) that will provide remote monitoring services. The new facility will be staffed, maintained and operated by Skae Power Solutions employees. Remote hands services will also be available for IT tasks. The address is 348 Route 9W, Palisades, NY.


Corporate Headquarters

We have a "cradle to grave" approach and strive to become a trusted advisor that clients can count on for routine projects and emergency problem solving.

Please contact us at 845-365-9105 to learn how we can help you and your company or call one of our local offices.

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